Hey everyone! Well It’s official I am already frustrated with technology, definatly one of my weaknesses! Anyhoo, my name is Nicole Helland and I am entering my 4th year of elementary education. I am originally from Assiniboia Sask. and currently living in Moose Jaw. Prior to moving to Moose Jaw I was living in Medicine Hat, there I worked as and interpreter for a boy who is deaf. I interpreted for 2 years and loved my job!! I decided to move to Moose Jaw when I med the most amazing man, then was when I decided to go back to school. Returung to University after being out of school for then was 10 years was very scary, but now something I am very proud of my self for doing!

These past 3 years of school has proved to be very challenging for me, but I kicked my own butt to get through it! And now it’s here, my final year of University, a time I thought would never come. As I enter my fourth year a new beginning to my life has come, I am expecting our first baby to be on September 6th, boy or girl we are not sure!!! One thing is for sure my boyfriend and I are very excited to be parents! Although we have already been a mommy and daddy for the past 5 years to a beautiful little girl named Lucy, she is our sweet little Shih tzu!! This new beginning will be a sure challenge as well but nothing we cannot handle!

This summer I am working full time at Mosaic Potash mine, this will be my 3rd summer working there. I am also taking 4 classes so I can be caught up when the baby comes in September, and all I will have left is my internship, which, I will be doing in Septembr 2014!. A busy summer it will be with weddings and many camping trips, which I hope I will be able to lug my pregnant butt around in the heat!

I am looking forward to working through this course and hopefully learning something about working with technology in the classroom. A few pictures for you all to see who I am and the loves of my life will be posted below!!

Chow for now
Nicole Helland

The baby bump!!

The baby bump!!

My sweet nephew Eric and niece Emma!

My sweet nephew Eric and niece Emma!

Devin and I went sky diving last summer, best experience of my life, so much fun!!

Devin and I went sky diving last summer, best experience of my life, so much fun!!


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  1. Swati
    May 17, 2013 @ 17:21:03

    Hey Nicole,

    I can understand you having hard time with Technology. I can bet that you will become addicted to it very soon, like all of us. So just hang on and try to explore different tools as much as possible. You can count on me for help, if you need.
    It’s nice knowing you! Oops…I forgot to congratulate you 😦



  2. Dean Shareski (@shareski)
    May 17, 2013 @ 20:03:28

    This post suggests you’ve got many things figured out from creating a blog, to post an article with photos included.

    Please use these spaces to share. Frustration shouldn’t be seen as a negative thing but rather an opportunity to learn. As future educators and successful students, we don’t like frustration but remember, most of our students feel exactly the same way. This is a wonderful chance to model and experience how to be a learner. Be sure to watch Will Richardon’s live session as he explores many of these ideas.

    Next time you’re frustrated, bring it to your blog. You’ve got 37 other people dedicated to help and support your learning.


  3. Carlee
    May 17, 2013 @ 20:14:55

    Nice to meet you Nicole! Hope you have a wonderful summer in the class! Getting ready for a baby must be exciting 🙂


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